Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – What precisely Is often a HEPA Filter?

When looking through vacuum cleaner testimonials you will generally be advised the vacuum will come using a HEPA filter. Most are mindful this form of filter is amongst the finest kinds of filter there’s. Even so, beware; not all HEPA filters are definitely the similar. Very frankly, some give extremely very little a lot more filtration that old-fashioned charcoal filters Damage Control 911.

Numerous companies assert that its vacuums have a HEPA. Though this will likely be genuine, I am unable to assist but sense it truly is income buzz that’s supplied out to potential consumers to create its solution sound far better than it essentially is. You could possibly express that if it’s equipped with just one then it will have to use a great filter. But, you’d be incorrect. You see, HEPA is not a normal controlled by any govt or scientific company. Any vacuum is often labeled as having one particular.

HEPA means Substantial Effectiveness Particulate Arrested Filter and was an ordinary that was described for scientific ‘clean’ rooms and laboratories. It can be simply a identify and may be applied to nearly any filter, and because it really is not a standard that is certainly enforced, any corporation can slap a ‘HEPA filter’ on its vacuum cleaner.

So, when reading individuals vacuum cleaner assessments, how will you be sure if it’s obtained a ‘genuine’ one?

Initially, if your vacuum costs than $150 it is nearly undoubtedly not acquired a HEPA filter that’s of anymore use than a standard charcoal filter. To ensure that a vacuum being HEPA filtered it’s to comprise a sealed unit. This expenses cash.

Simply because a company states it’s applied some kind of HEPA filter will not necessarily mean the vacuum gives HEPA filtration effectiveness. HEPA is a sluggish airflow media but vacuum cleaners are bigger airflow devices. This creates an issue simply because if your air are unable to endure the fabric, it’ll bypass it – flowing throughout the filter rather than by. While in the vast majority of vacuums that is exactly what is going on.

The filter need to seize 99.97% of particles which have been as modest as 0.3 microns. Simply to put this into standpoint; a dust mite is five microns as well as a human hair is forty microns.

To get positive you might be receiving legitimate HEPA filtration you should buy a device costing in excess of $200. And hunt for one which states the filter is 100% sealed. A sealed device helps prevent the air from flowing across the filter, but as said, this expenses a lot more for the reason that air restricted containers have to have rubber gaskets and even more extensive manufacturing.

For anyone who is uncertain about which brands offer real HEPA, then you can get started by searching in the Electrolux Oxygen 3 vacuum cleaner, or perhaps the Eureka HP6855A vacuum cleaner, or maybe the Simplicity Synergy. These are typically just three brand names but there are rather a number of other individuals.